Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mail (the positive version)

Alright folks, I officially have an address now! Well, I suppose if we want to be technical, I’ve had an address, but I NOW have a PO box to which you can send mail.  Only bad news I have to tell this evening is this: we are still not able to send mail to the US.  There’s been some kind of strange mail embargo that no one has been able to explain to me, but it means that no mail is allowed into the states from Rwanda (and apparently a whole slew of other countries).  Best I can figure is that the US has upped the regulations/ standards for mail and many countries are not able to meet them.  Who knows, but once I am able to send snail mail, you can expect to have some in route to you!  xoxo

Allison Snyder
PO Box 47
Musanze, Rwanda

As always, be sure to write Air Mail/ Par Avion somewhere on the envelope, and if you feel like attempting to avoid custom officers and their meddling fingers, make me out to be a nun ("Sister Allison"... bible verses, etc)


  1. YEAH!! I assume we can send stuff into Rwanda, right?? Be prepared for several packages to come your way. I'll mail them tomorrow! Love, Mom

  2. If I sent some mail to your previous address for training, will it get forwarded? I hope so! <3